Activities in Amsterdam

Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

Recommendations for people in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is known for its history and the beautiful narrow streets in the city center. Now that we are a taxi company, we get various questions from our customers. It is mainly about what we recommend in this beautiful city. Below is the list set up by our knowledge and experience in the city.


Dam Square is located in the middle of the city. When you arrive there you will see people flowing in all directions. The Palace on Dam Square is a strikingly large building. Immediately next to the Palace there are two major shopping streets, namely Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. In these two streets you can find everything. If you still want to go to a building where famous brands are sold, you better cross the road and go to the Bijenkorf.

A striking news is that in addition to the Bijenkorf building, an apartment was purchased by Justin Bieber for 24.5 million euros. In addition, there is also the Madame Tussaud on the dam and a memorial for the Second World War.

Canals in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there are more than 165 canals with a total length of 75 km. Among the people who visit the city, seeing and enjoying the canals is an important part of the time. Of course it is advisable to also do a boat tour immediately. We recommend making a good choice here. There are boats with the roof open, boats that run on electric motor, tours where food or drink is included and of course it is important that you get enough information about the city. Our only recommendation is to at least choose a boat that has an electric drive and of course when it rains it is handy to be in a boat that is covered.

Sky lounge

If you want to enjoy the beautiful view, you can choose to go to the Sky Lounge. The Sky Lounge is located at the top of the Double Tree By Hilton hotel, right next to Central Station. Upon arrival you immediately have a nice view of the city and it is possible to sit outside on the terrace in good weather. Weekends it is advisable to ask about the crowds, it can sometimes happen that you otherwise have to wait for a place.

A'DAM Toren

The A'DAM tower is directly opposite the Sky Lounge. At the top of the 19th floor tower there is a restaurant that is constantly on the move. Yes, the restaurant is running at a leisurely pace. In addition, there is a possibility to fluctuate at certain times at the top.

Need a taxi from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport?

Why Booktaxischiphol?

We transport people from various cities to Schiphol Airport. From Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport is one of the cities where we receive a lot of orders. The travel time from Amsterdam to Schiphol is on average 30 minutes for our customers. Of course it is not easy as a city like Amsterdam to take the train to reach the airport. With us you can easily and quickly book a taxi to reach the airport.

How long is the travel time?

The journey to Amsterdam Schiphol depends on several factors. It depends on the location of your hotel, whether there are road works and the time of your trip. Average travel time we say from our experience that this is around 30 minutes.

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