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On Booktaxischiphol.nl you can book a taxi to and from Schiphol from anywhere in the Netherlands. Our punctuality ensures that you can start your journey without worry and stress. With our booking system you can easily reach your fixed taxi price. When you travel, it is of course not always easy to reach the airport. On the one hand you are thinking about what you need to take with you and on the other hand you are thinking about the journey that you still have to do. Everyone knows the need to take the advantage in such a case to reach the airport by car. Order your taxi easily with just a few steps and start your journey with satisfaction from our service.

Our experience in this industry has been around for more than 10 years, making it easy for us to always agree on a correct location with you, for example if we have to pick you up at Schiphol Airport.

What are the prices of Booktaxischiphol?

Booktaxischiphol offers high discounts for people who want to be transported to and from Schiphol. According to the national government, the maximum rate for taxis per kilometer is €2.40 for a sedan and for a taxi bus €3.02. In addition, with a regular taxi a starting rate of €3.26 for a sedan and €6.63 taxi bus is added. As you can see, the prices of regular taxis are much too high and it is a surprise for the customer if the prices are compared with ours.

The prices of Booktaxischiphol.nl are completely dependent on the distance and time of your trip. You are guaranteed that in most cases you will receive at least a 40% discount. With us it is guaranteed that you will not receive any surprises or hidden costs afterwards.

Our reviews

"Booking a taxi is easy and fast. Has already used the service several times and will certainly continue to use this."
"I have chosen many times for Booktaxischiphol.nl and I'm satisfied about the service."
"I regularly book a taxi when I have to go to Schiphol. I am very pleased with this taxi company."

What does Booktaxischiphol.nl recommend?

Taxibus to Schiphol or a normal Taxi?

Taking a taxi to Schiphol requires comfort, our customers often take the taxi to reach the airport quickly and easily. The Taxi buses are very spacious as in seating and luggage space. On Booktaxischiphol, the prices between the normal taxi and a taxi bus differ so small that we recommend ordering a taxi bus from more than two people.

I want to reserve a normal taxi

You can of course decide to book a normal taxi, which is especially not necessary if you are transporting little stuff and only travel with a maximum of 3 people.

How many suitcases can I take in a taxi?

In a normal taxi you can in most cases take two large suitcases and two small suitcases. Four checked baggage and three small suitcases can be carried in a taxi bus. If you are not sure whether your suitcases will fit in a normal taxi, always choose a taxi bus and indicate this when booking. Of course you can also always take contact to speak this.

Check always that your flight is not delayed or canceled

Check always at least two days before your flight to see if your flight has been canceled or delayed. In that case it is important that you immediately contact us to move your taxi reservation or to cancel it in case of cancellation.

Most common questions

Booktaxischiphol is since 2000 active in and around Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. We have more than 18 years of experience in this field, we can help our customers move from one point to another.

Booktaxischiphol.nl is active throughout the Netherlands to transport people to and from Schiphol. There are some conditions for bookings that go to Schiphol. If the journey is more than 30 kilometers, online payment is required.

If you want to bring pets, you are required to inform us. This is not necessary if your pet is a guide dog.

You can contact us by going to our contact page, by calling 00316 14 97 96 04 or sending a Whatsapp message to 00316 14 97 96 04.